Li-ion Battery Cell
Short circuit test, Over-charge and over discharge test, Nail Penetrating test, Hi-Low temp test, Crush& Squeeze Test Capacity & Cyclic test, High rate test, Dropping test, Thermal abuse test.
Li-ion Battery Cell

LiFePO4 Prismatic Cell 3.2V Lithium Battery

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Li-ion Battery Cell Application for storage batteries, solar batteries, Golf carts, UPS back up power supply, RV batteries, Marine batteries.

Lithium offers several performance benefits versus its sealed lead acid (SLA) equivalent .

A lithium battery's capacity is independent from the discharge rate and provides constant power throughout it's discharge.

The degredation of a lithium battery at a high temperature is significantly reduced in comparison to SLA.

Lithium has 10 times the cycle life as SLA at room temperature. Even at an elevated temperature, lithium still has increased cycle life.



Long cycle Service: >= 2000 cycles;

Good performance at high/low temperature;

Excellent safety performance;

1C/3C high rate continuous discharge;

Fast charge at 1C rate;

Automatic production, good consistency;



Strictly control from the battery cell to battery pack

Different capacity battery cell can be produced

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