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UPS Backup Battery Stoarge

Factory Price, OEM, ODM
Model:   512V 300AH (Welcome customized)
Rated Voltage (V):   512V
Rated Capacity (Ah):   300Ah
Supply Ability:   As customer requirement
Approx Dimension:   600*1000*2000mm/600*8000*2000(mm)(optional)
Approx Weight:   2280.0kg
Certificate:   CE,UL,ICE, UN38.3, MSDS,ISO9001

ZTR-HV series is Lithium iron phosphate battery system which designed for high voltage UPS and energy storage system application, suitable for 100V to 1000V DC system which backup time is over 10min.

This battery system consists of battery racks and CBMS,GBMS, every battery rack integrates with intelligent BMU inside.

And this system has big advantages on safety, cycle life, energy density, fast charging, temperature range and environmental protection.

ZETARA is committed to providing safe and stable power supply for UPS system.



The battery module consists of battery racks and CBMS.

● Packed with high performance LFP single cell, long life, safety and wide temperature range

● High energy density, small size, light weight, no pollution;

● Use CBMS-BMU design, protect voltage, current, temperature in whole process

● Integrated communication interface, CAN2.0 and RS485 communicate with UPS or PC

● Integrated LED indicator, display the SOC and operating status

● Balance between cells, balance between racks

● LCD display the battery system information(customized)

● Packed in 19 inches standard container, easily for installation and capacity expansion

● can customize the battery system with neutral line

● 15 years design life, Stable performance, maintenance-free


Battery specification

Battery type: Lifepo4

Pack: 4P-160s-3P (3 Cabinets in parallel)

Rated Voltage: 512v with neutral line (±256V)

Rated Capacity: 300A

Rated Energy: 153.6kwh

Max. Charging current: 100A (constant)

Max.Discharging current: 1200A (constant)

Max. Output power: 600kw  (constant)

Charging voltage: 560-576V

Discharging voltage: 448V

Cycle life (1C/1C): >2500

Short circuit current (A): 9000A

System dimension:  600*1000*2000(mm)*3+  (19-inches cabinet)


Total weight: approx 2280kg

Internal resistance: <15mΩ (Fully charged @ 25℃)

Thermal Management: Fan cooling (controlled by temp)

Charge:  -5~55℃

Discharge: -20~65℃

Communication: RS485/CAN/LAN

Dry contant: 3

Display: 7 inches touch LCD Screen (integrated with GBMS)


Single cell detailed

Cell container: Prismatic, Aluminum shell

Rated: 3.2V 25Ah

Operating Voltage range: 2.5V- 3.6V

Dimension (T*W*H)mm: 27*70*180mm

Weight:  ~660g

Rated Charging current: 1.0C

Max.charging current: 1.0C

Rated discharging current: 5.0C

Pulse. Discharging current: 7.0C

Impedance (1khz) <4mΩ

Cycle life (1.0C): >4000 , 100%DOD @25°C

Communication: RS485/CAN/LAN

Battery series support: 16S *10


Battery Module rack

Module voltage: 51.2V

Rated capacity: 100Ah

Pack: 4P-16S

BMU Inside: 1

Dimension (W*D*H): 442* 765* 128mm

Weight: 52kg (approx)

Power Terminal: M8 Screw

Max. Output Power: 24.4kw

For more detailed please contact us.


BMS Parameters

The HV Series BMS products are battery management systems developed for large-scale high-voltage battery energy storage and UPS systems.

It adopts distributed architecture, modular design concept, high configure ability, easy assembly, debugging and maintenance. It is suitable for various battery energy storage systems with DC voltage below 1000V. This product can be configured as a secondary architecture (BMU+CBMS) for 10KWh-100KWh. Cooperate with industrial computer and battery stack management software to form a three-level architecture (BMU+CBMS+GBMS) for 50KWh-2MWh applications.

In conjunction with the server and plant battery management system software, it can form a four-level architecture (BMU+CBMS+GBMS+BBMS) for applications from 2MWh to 1000MWh to meet different project requirements.


The product has a complete and reliable operation and protection strategy to effectively extend the life of the battery pack. It comes with a variety of communication interfaces and can be directly or indirectly connected to third-party energy management systems.


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