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Storage Lithium Batteries     2022-01-06
Carbon emissions are closely related to economic development, and economic development requires energy consumption. However, with the emission of carbon dioxide in various countries and the rapid increase of greenhouse gases, the resulting climate change has become a global problem facing mankind, posing a threat to life systems. In this context, countries around the world reduce greenhouse gas emissions by means of a global agreement. In the general debate of the Seventy-fifth United Nations General Assembly, my country clearly wanted to adopt more powerful policies and measures, and thus proposed carbon peak and carbon neutral goals.
"Carbon peaking" means that our country promises that by 2030, carbon dioxide emissions will no longer increase, and then gradually reduce after reaching the peak; and by 2060, for the carbon dioxide emissions, we will adopt various measures such as tree planting, energy saving and emission reduction. All the ways are offset, and this is "carbon neutrality."
In July of this year, before the EU announced its carbon neutral plan, more than 30 countries had announced carbon neutral targets, including Mexico and the Maldives. Since then, China, Japan, and South Korea have successively proposed carbon neutral targets. The world’s important economies, that is, countries that account for 75% of global GDP and 65% of global carbon emissions, are becoming carbon neutral.
China is actively implementing a national strategy to address climate change, adopting a series of measures such as adjusting the industrial structure, optimizing the energy structure, saving energy and improving energy efficiency, advancing the construction of a carbon market, and increasing forest carbon sinks. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, China has achieved remarkable results in tackling climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions are effectively controlled, energy conservation in key areas is progressing smoothly, renewable energy is developing rapidly, and active adaptation to climate change is progressing smoothly.
Regarding the carbon peaking target, China is stepping up to formulate an action plan for carbon emissions peaking by 2030, and supports places where conditions are able to reach the peak first. Accelerate the adjustment and optimization of the industrial structure and energy structure, promote coal consumption to reach its peak as soon as possible, vigorously develop new energy, accelerate the construction of a national energy rights and carbon emission rights trading market, and improve the dual control system of energy consumption.
The goal of carbon neutrality is not just about energy, it is related to all aspects of the industrial chain. The goal of carbon neutrality will profoundly influence the restructuring, reorganization and new international standards of the industry chain in the next step. This has a profound impact on the reorganization and reconstruction of the global industrial chain. For example, if Apple’s mobile phone is to be carbon neutral, the company responsible for assembly should be carbon neutral, the parts and raw materials provided for it should be carbon neutral, and the company that provides chips for it should also be carbon neutral. Every link in the chain must be carbon neutral. This will form a new standard for the industrial chain. In the context of carbon neutrality, the world is carrying out new international cooperation, international division of labor, and the formation of international standards.


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