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Lithium battery manufacturing expert over 10 years
Production capacities per month
Production capacities per month
Since 2010, and focused on battery development over 10 years
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ZETARA adheres to the mission of providing safe, green and smart power for everyone, and it has the capability of the independent production and R&D from BMS to lithium ion battery pack.
Safe, reliable, and well-developed Lithium Ion Battery Pack to meet international standards and requirements and tailored to meet space and energy density constraints.
Whether you need a Battery system solution for your business development or a large pack for backup power generation, Zetara Power offers a range of products to meet your varied business needs.
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Shenzhen Zetara Power System Co., Ltd (“Zetara Power”) is one of the leading lithium-ion battery manufacturers, own three factories. As a leader of innovation in the renewable energy industry, Zetara Power possesses a dynamic R&D team that consists of over 100 employees, certificated with UL, CE, MSDS, TÜV.
Long life and 5 years warranty
Long life and 5 years warranty to the batteries, and worry-free for the after-sales service
Delivery timely
Control the production from the battery cell to the battery pack so that we can control the production time
Meet the import standard of USA, Canada, Europe, East Asia, Africa, India country, etc.Certificated UL1642, UN38.3, MSDS, EC-EMC, IEC62619, and ISO9001
Strict quality control leads to reliable products for the end market.
Process orientation and management innovation lead to continuous cost reduction and cost performance improvement.
Technology support 24 hours online
Technology support 24 hours online, professional R&D and sales team to support integrated procurement work. Offer better service for each projects.
Save Money, Save The Environment!
Are you looking for A Reliable Lithium Battery Manufacturer?
Zetara is a leader in battery research and development and production, Proven track record in lithium batteries, powering installations in over 100 countries.
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BESS Storage Lithium Batteriers
Jan 05.2022        Lisa
BESS Energy storage system development five years
"New energy + hydrogen storage" is the general direction of future energy development. Hydrogen energy has high energy density and low operation and maintenance costs. It can be applied to energy storage for extremely short or extremely long periods of time. It is a rare form of energy storage that can store more than hundreds of GWh. It is considered a new type of large Large-scale energy storage technology.
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Leading lithium batteries manufacturer in China
Jan 13.2022        Lisa
What's advantages for Zetara Power 5kwh batteries pack
Zetara Power is a reliable and professional battery manufacturer, we are specialize in production and sales one-stop customization of lithium battery products, such as residential battery system, commercial industry battery system, golf cart, 12v 100ah, UPS back up power supply, etc.
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Lifepo4 deep cycle rechargeable Lithium battery
Jan 07.2022        Lisa
A drop in replacement VRLA by Lifepo4 deep cycle rechargeable battery
12V/24V LFP battery pack is designed and produced with advantages of safe and reliability, long service life and high energy density, etc. With its unique characters, it is widely application for RV/caravans, Marine, golf carts, E-boat, tourist coaches, electric two-wheels, tricycles, emergency lights, security monitoring, UPS backup power and other power supply .
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